Artificial Intelligence, Justice, & the Rule of Law

Think Before You Code


July 29, 2021 | VIEW TRANSCRIPT

In this episode of the AI & Equality Initiative podcast, Senior Fellow Anja Kaspersen is joined by Thunderbird School of Global Management’s Nicholas Davis and University of Virginia’s Renée Cummings to discuss the impact of AI-based technologies on justice, the rule of law, and law enforcement operations.  

How can we mitigate against harmful impacts and furthering current structural inequalities? Is AI-based tech being adopted without the knowledge and AI fluency to ensure deployed responsibly? Tune in to this conversation on existing law enforcement doctrines and operations, and where we must go from here. 


Renée Cummings
Renée Cummings is a criminologist, criminal psychologist, therapeutic jurisprudence specialist, AI ethicist, and the historic first data activist in residence at The School of Data Science, University of Virginia.  
Nicholas Davis
Nicholas Davis is a professor of practice at Thunderbird School of Global Management; special advisor at Innovation at Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance; and a managing partner at SWIFT Partners, a Geneva-based consultancy focused on helping companies harness emerging technologies to create sustainable value.  


Anja Kaspersen
Anja Kaspersen is a senior fellow at Carnegie Council. She is the former director of the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs in Geneva and deputy secretary general of the Conference on Disarmament.