December 11, 2020 | VIEW TRANSCRIPT

Doreen Bogdan-Martin is the Director of the Telecommunications Development Bureau of the International Telecommunication Union. Elected in 2018, Bogdan-Martin is the first woman to hold office since the founding of the ITU in 1865. Although initially focused only on coordination of telegraph signals, the ITU has taken on the governance of a wide range of new technologies from radio, wireless communications, maritime navigation, television broadcasting, and the next-generation networks in development today.

Bogdan-Martin joined host and AIEI Senior Fellow Anja Kaspersen for a discussion about her career in telecommunications and her dedication to using connectivity as a tool to promote equality and fairness, particularly with respect to the empowerment of women and girls across the world. In this interview, Bogdan-Martin speaks about her people-first approach to telecommunications investment and governance, as well as the many challenges she has confronted in pursuit of that strategy.

One such challenge is the COVID-19 pandemic, which has placed unprecedented stress on our digital and online capacities and has highlighted the stark structural inequalities between those who can work and learn remotely, and those who cannot.