Think Before You Code: Engaging Young Professionals in AI Ethics & Equality

Think Before You Code


June 24, 2021 | VIEW TRANSCRIPT

In this episode of the Artificial Intelligence & Equality Initiative podcast, Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Anja Kaspersen speaks with three members from the AI ethics initiative ThinkTech about how to engage young professionals in responsible AI development and society outreach. 

Agnes Gierulski, Eva Charlotte Mayer, and Lukas Pöhler present their motivation to approach the challenges of designing fair and inclusive technologies, and discuss why and how young professionals should “think before they code”. 


Agnes Gierulski, Personio

Agnes graduated from the Responsibility in Science, Engineering & Technology Program at the Technical University of Munich and is interested in putting theoretical concepts into practice. 

Eva Mayer, Google

Eva is a software engineer at Google and a co-founder of ThinkTech, focusing on data protection, privacy and the influence of social media on society.

Lukas Pöhler, ThinkTech

Lukas Pöhler is a data scientist and engaged in the question of how digital technologies can be developed, used, and governed in a responsible manner without hindering innovation.